Private Duty Professional Services

Private Duty services include professionally trained, licensed and/or certified staff providing care in your home as you request. Services include those provided by nurses and Home Health Aides.

Private Duty services are available for those who want services in their home in addition to or instead of homecare or hospice services. Private Duty services do not have criteria restrictions that home health does such as being homebound. Private Duty is a fee for service program and costs are related to the level of service requested. 
Examples of levels of care and services:

Skilled Nursing Visit

  • Skilled nursing visits include an assessment and skilled procedures such as dressing changes, ostomy care, monthly medication set up, attendance at a MD visit etc.

Routine Nursing Visit

  • Routine nursing visits are less time consuming than skilled visits. They would include medication set ups for 1 or 2 weeks or medications rather than 1 month.

Follow-Up Nursing Visit

  • Follow up visits are completed to make adjustments to medications previously set up, such as a new order on a medication dose or a new medication has been ordered and needs to be added. This visit would also include oral medication administration or IM/SQ injection such as insulin.  

Home Health Aide Visit

  • Personal Care provided as requested; such as bathing, minor dressing changes, nail care, exercise programs, transferring and ambulation assistance.

Attendant Visit

  • The visit is also completed by a Home health Aide. The attendant visit basically includes companionship and respite for a primary caregiver. The visit could also be utilized for housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation etc. The expectations would be reviewed prior to the visit.
Both HHA visit and attendant visits would have nursing oversight. An RN will complete a supervision visit every 60 days and ensure care is being completed as requested.
Call 620.665.2473 or 1.800.267.6891 for more information in regards to this program.