Hospice & HomeCare of Reno County provides bereavement services to anyone experiencing grief over loss.  We provide holistic support for cognitive, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of grief through the season of loss.  Bereavement services begin with an initial assessment of survivor needs and continue for a minimum of 15 months following the death.  Our bereavement team is available 24/7 to offer comfort, a caring presence and helpful counsel before, during and after the loss.  We understand feelings commonly experienced in losing a loved one and are here to listen and encourage.

Letters & Mailings

Our bereavement coordinator maintains contact with loved ones for 15 months following a patient's death.  Hospice & HomeCare of Reno County helps the bereaved through the first year of holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and other times of remembrance.  Our agency bereavement staff stays in contact through personal visits, phone calls and letters. We offer educationsl materials about the grieving process and make periodic contact with patient families.  Families or individuals with special needs may receive referrals to counseling services and other resources.


Hospice & HomeCare of Reno County offers workshops to physician offices, nursing home staff, senior centers, community groups and hospital and clinical staff.  Several focus on end-of-life spirituality and/or bereavement.  The workshops are offered anytime, free of charge.  Continuing education credit is available for participants.  Contact us for more information.



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