HomeCare Services

We enable patients to recover comfortably at home.  Our goal is to help restore a patient's health or provide resources designed to increase independence.

HomeCare services can include:

Skilled Nursing

  • We assist in management and education of acute or chronic diseases
  • We provide medication management
  • We perform skilled procedures, including:
    • Catheter (insertion, sterile irrigation and placement)
    • Wound care (dressing changed, obervation of wound)
    • Ostomy care (treatment, assess for complications)
    • Nasogastric and percutaneous tube feedings ( treatment, assess for complication)
    • Intravenous medication administration (administration, observation and maintenance of line)

Physical and Occupational Therapy

  • We monitor home safety.  We evaluate, make recommendations and review a patient's follow-through
  • We assess activities of daily living
  • We teach transfer training (bed to chair, chair to standing)
  • We provide instruction for bed mobility activities
  • We demonstrate energy conservation techniques (essintial for cardiopulmonary patients or patients with limited endurance due to pain, arthritis or similar disability)
  • We use pain relief modalities (ultrasound, TENS unit, positioning, etc.)
  • We offer ambulation retraining:
    • Train to use or wean from an assistive device, including wheelchair mobility
    • Ascending/descending a curb or stairs
    • Establish functional, realistic distance and endurance goals
    • Use of artificial limb
  • We teach functional exercises to:
    • Regain range of motion following surgery or trauma
    • Improve balance/coordination activities
    • Re-educate muscle following fractures, stroke, head injury, surgery or long period of immobility
  • We offer low vision assessment and compensation strategies
  • We help reintegrate a patient into the community by establishing a realistic plan with patient input
  • We educate the spouse or children how and when to help their loved one

 Speech Therapy

  • We perform swallowing assessments, recommendations and treatment
  • We retrain oral and written communication skills following a stroke, head injury, laryngectomy, facial trauma or other medical condition
  • We treat Bell's Palsy and Sysarthria with:
    • Facial exercises
    • Muscle stimulation
    • Muscle re-education
  • We address cognitive issues, including:
    • Memory, recall and information processing following a head injury or stroke

Social Work Services

  • We provide in-home assistance for caregiver support
  • We direct patients to community resources for assistance with:
    • Transportation
    • Meals
    • Housekeeping
  • We assist in acquiring the proper medical equipment needed
  • We address a patient's financial needs, including:
    • Medications
    • Utility bills
    • Food Stamps
    • Medicaid
  • We offer short-term counseling for:
    • Depression and anxiety
    • We help with long-range planning
  • We educate patients about advance directives and assist with completion
  • We offer placement assistance for:
    • Nursing hom/assisted living

 Home Health Aide Services

  • We provide bathing and personal hygiene assistance
  • We help with activities of daily living
  • We perform simple dressings not requiring nursing skills